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1. Spa Pump Help Intro

If youre reading this section, youre probably experiencing a problem with your spa or need help buying a new spa pump for the first time. Spa pumps are the most important piece of equipment in your spa. Without the pump your spa would be a tub with water. The spa pump not only delivers bubbles and powerful massaging streams of water to your tub, but also aids in the circulation of the water through the spa filter, heater, and jets. If you are experiencing a problem with your spa, its a good idea to point your finger at the spa pump since it is a focal point in your spas mechanical system. In this help section, you will find out if your spa needs a new pump or if youre experiencing one of the many other problems that may arise when owning a spa.

2. Identifying Your Spa and Spa Pump Problems

There are an infinite number of problems when dealing with spas and spa pumps; most of them having to do with wear and tear. Below is a list of common problems and their solutions.

My spa pump is making noises.
In this case your spa pump may be a victim of low or no water flow. If that is the case then you will need to add more water to your spa. In a little more serious case, your spa pump may have bad bearings, which is a common problem in older pumps with leaky shaft seals. Replace the pumps bearings or shaft seal in the motor of the spa pump. I recommend replacing the entire motor to avoid the cost of repair and constant maintenance. See our SPA MOTORS page to get a great deal on a spa motor.

My spa pump is leaking water. Just like a leaky faucet, your spa pump may need its worn O-rings replaced. This may also be caused by a damaged shaft seal or, in the easy-fix case scenario, a loose plumbing fitting. These problems are relatively easy to fix, especially the last mentioned. If you need more assistance, call our line for some tech assistance, 1-800-636-8866.

My spa pump motor turns on and off. This could result from a number of problems. Some of the most common causes of this problem are overheating in the spa pump motor, improper voltage supplied to the spa pump motor and faulty connections in the electrical connections. Check to make sure the spa pump is in a well-ventilated area and connected to an outlet with the correct voltage.

3. Do You Need a New Spa Pump?

Check to see if you have any of the common problems above. If so, apply the quick fix. Most problems with spas and spa pumps are caused by debris getting caught up where its not supposed to be. Remember, the water that is spit out of the jets of the spas is the same water being sucked out of the tub and run through the spa pump, leaf trap, impeller, filter, jets, and so on. Dirty water can cause any of these to malfunction. The fix for that is to make sure you have clean water flowing and maintaining those parts mentioned above, making sure they are clean and clear of debris.

4. Choosing the Right Spa Pump for You

Spa pumps come in many different shapes and sizes. And we know, for a person who knows nothing about spa pumps, buying a spa pump can be a nightmare. Follow these steps to Choosing the Right Spa Pump and youll be on your way to becoming a spa pump expert. There are 5 criteria you should take notice of when purchasing a spa pump:

1) Horsepower (motor) The horsepower on your spa pump motor will determine the action in your jets. The more horsepower you got in your motor, the more force youll be feeling when relaxing in your spa. But before you go out and buy the spa pump motor with the highest horsepower you should consider if your control and electrical system can handle the new increased amount of power the new spa motor will draw.

When upgrading your motor to a higher horsepower, try not to increase your power by more than 1. Its a good idea to go from 1 HP to 2 HP, but not a good idea to go from 1 HP to 5 HP.

2) Spa Pump Speed (motor) Most spa pumps come with 2 speeds, allowing you at adjust the spas amount of water being shot at you. We offer you both 1 speed and 2 speed pump motors for your spas.

3) Voltage (motor) Take your pick at a 115V or 230V spa pump motor; they only come with these two voltage options. Actually the determinant of this will be the electrical outlet where you will be hooking up your spa. Determine your outlet voltage and choose the corresponding spa pump motor voltage.

4) Center or Side Discharge (pump)
When choosing a spa pumps you must consider whether it is a center discharge or side discharge. Your spa pump that you intend on replacing will look like one of the following. Take notice of the position of the discharge component of the wet end. Purchase your new spa pump accordingly. The left is a side discharge. The right is a center discharge.

Side Discharge Center Discharge

5) PVC Pipe Sizing (pump) Follow this guide to determine whether your spa uses 1.5 or 2 plumbing.

1.5" nominal PVC pipe size will have a circumference (distance around) of just under 6 inches. The actual outside diameter (O.D.) of 1" PVC pipe will be about 1 7/8".

2" nominal pipe PVC size will have a circumference (distance around) of more than 7 inches. The actual outside diameter (O.D.) of 2" PVC pipe will be about 2 3/8".

5. How to Install a New Spa Pump

Installing a new spa pump is simple for people familiar with the spa anatomy. But like most of us, we havent the slightest clue where to begin. The thought of installing one of the most important components of your spa and the fear of breaking something in the process sends shivers down your spine. If you believe that installing a spa pump is beyond you, dont hesitate to give us a call for tech assistance 1-636-8866.

For the brave souls who are willing to try installing the new spa pump, removing the old spa pump is the first step to reaching the goal line. To do this we first want to look at the way your spa is set up. A typical spa setup has a spa pump, control box and valves as seen in the picture below.

PICTURE - SPA SETUP (coming soon)

Before we continue to the detachment of your old spa pump, make sure your spa is completely disconnected from all electrical outlets. If your spa has valves that allow the removal of your spa pump without draining, make sure those valves are closed. If your spa does not have these valves, drain your spa before installation.

PICTURE - VALVES (coming soon)

Now that youre safe from electrocution and drowning yourself in a spa water wave, start disconnecting your spa pump by unscrewing the unions at both ends of the pump. Once you have those loosened, the pump is free and you may lift the pump out. You will want to remove the cord of your old spa pump. This can be used for your new spa pump unless you have purchased a new cord along with your pump. Cords come as an option when purchasing a new spa pump from Advantage Pools & Ponds Inc..

As some of the smarter spa techs may have noticed, putting in your new spa pump is the exact reverse process of removing the spa pump. If you have purchased the correct pump all unions and spa pump components should fit perfectly into the old spa pumps position. All you need to do it screw everything back on and plug in your spa. If you had closed the valves to prevent spa water from draining, reopen them and allow the water to flow into your new pump